Shipping Carrier Delivery Performance

Get an inside look into the on-time delivery averages from the four largest carriers. Updates daily.

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How quickly is each carrier delivering packages?

Data from the last 7 days. Domestic US shipments.

"How much faster is UPS than DHL?"

Considering which shipper to make your "Express Shipping" option? You might be surprised at their relative performance to each other. DHL Ecommerce's service has become a very popular low-cost option for shipping, but often requires 3-4 more days to deliver than other options.

Thinking about a premium shipping option? Both FedEx and UPS offer great and reliable delivery times.

How is this calculated?

We measure this by the number of days between when a package was first marked In Transit by the carrier, and when it was marked Delivered. We do not count time to fulfill the order or time between fulfillment and when it was picked up. Numbers may not add up to 100% due to small numbers of very slow packages or tracking errors.

Average Delivery Estimates from Select Cities

Data from the last 30 days. Domestic US shipments.

Click on the select origin cities to view their shipping zones.

“How quickly will a package from Charlotte get to Phoenix?”

Thinking about where you should place your next fulfillment center? The map above shows typical delivery times over the last 30 days from an origin city to destinations across the lower 48 US states. This map helps you understand the implications of where your next fulfillment center goes, and where you’ll see the best shipping times from that facility.

How does Where’s My Order calculate city performance?

We measure this by looking at the speed to delivery from the origin city, to a range around the destination city, about 15 miles around that city. Performance is based on how long it took for 75% of the packages from the origin city to a given destination area to be delivered. In this view, all carriers and service levels over the last 30 days are combined. This way, we’re helping you understand the typical customer experience from city to city.

Compare your own shipping times

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